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I remember coming to Chris Lorentzen, M.S., L.Ac. for treatment and having a life changing  experience.  Before receiving treatment, I was skeptical about acupuncture but after getting a herniated disk in my lower back and going through a painful lower back surgery, acupuncture was one of the alternative medicines that I had not tried.  After my first consultation and after my first acupuncture treatment, there were substantial improvements.  The acupuncture treatment has given me a second chance in life, and the chance to enjoy a pain free life.  The pain not only affected me personally but also my family that had to live with a person with bad moods, and always tired.  My overall health has improved since I am able to be more active, and all my allergies have been treated.
Juan A. G., P.E.


I had gone years without a menstrual cycle and a year of unsuccessful fertility treatment, when I decided to see Chris. After two months in his care, my cycle returned, albeit somewhat irregularly, but it returned nonetheless, a feat that no “traditional” doctor had been able to accomplish. As an additional result of his treatments, my cholesterol levels dropped 100 points and I felt more relaxed and stronger. We worked with my new cycles to help me conceive and we were making definite progress. Still, getting a regular cycle back after years without, takes time that I didn’t feel I had. So after four months of acupuncture treatment, I returned to the fertility doctors and did IVF. Chris’s treatments and herbs supported the process the whole way and I am so happy to report that I just found out I am pregnant.

Chris is a warm, knowledgeable and caring doctor and his treatments have been extremely valuable to me both emotionally and physically. He’s thorough, professional and gentle. He makes getting needled - almost - a pleasure. 
Alisa S


Our son, age 13, was suffering from moderate to severe pain in the joints and muscles of his neck, arms, and legs.  Baseball catches and bike rides were, at times, impossible for him.  We wrote off his complaints to “growing pains”.  Along with these symptoms what we termed “brain fog”, intermittently clouded our son’s thinking processes.  Our pediatrician, however, suggested a visit to the Pediatric Rheumatology Department at a nearby, highly reputable hospital.  The faculty there diagnosed pediatric fibromyalgia, a sleep related disorder that manifests itself in deep muscle and joint aches, and “brain fog”.  BINGO, we thought clear diagnosis would lead to a successful treatment.

The prescription made sense; alter the boy’s bedtime/sleep ritual patterns to achieve a more sound recuperative sleep.  This we did, and after a month or so began to see signs of improvement.  Our son started getting a bit more energy and clarity of thought.  Unfortunately, this did not last.  Actually, things worsened.  His energy flagged, sunk to new lows.  The “brain fog” returned with a vengeance, along with debilitating muscle aches.

This is when we began consulting with Chris Lorentzen.  Chris introduced and explained the NAET philosophy and practice to us and we began treatments for his allergic sensitivities.  After only 4 sessions the change was marked!  The light was back on behind our boys eyes, the proverbial spring had returned.  Throughout the allergy clearing process we have seen only improvements, no backslides, and are so happy to have our son’s health restored and sustained. 
Jeff M.


I had gone to my primary care physician after receiving what appeared to be a severe allergic reaction to a bug bite.  There was a red, swollen, and extremely painful region that covered most of my calf muscle.  The doctor thought it was a spider bite that then caused an acute case of cellulites.  He marked the area with a body pen and prescribed antibiotics in an effort to stop the infection.  I was told if the infection progressed or there was not significant reduction in the swelling I would have to be admitted into the hospital for an IV drip of antibiotics. 

After 5 days there was no improvement. The swelling wasn’t reduced; the pain in my leg made it difficult to walk or have clothing touch the area.  I called Chris and he graciously came to the house where he conducted some muscle testing and determined it was an allergic reaction to a bee sting, not a spider.  Chris gave me several consecutive treatments, 15 minutes apart following by acupuncture that helped to relieve the pain.  By that evening the pain was substantially reduced and by the morning the large red swollen area on my calf had reduced to the size of a quarter!  By the time I saw the doctor on the following day it was gone!

Many thanks and next time I plan on calling you first!
Pat S.    

Chris Lorentzen, M.S., L.Ac.
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