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Quantum Biofeedback

The I.M.A.E.T. System (Immune Modulation and Allergy Elimination Technology) is a biofeedback, relaxation management instrument.  

The IMAET system is based on the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine and the emerging field of Quantum Dynamics. This gave rise to a perspective that a river of energy connects every organ, every thought and every emotion.  The flow or blockage of energy reflects a profound system of communication that demonstrates the body/mind intelligence. This biofeedback, relaxation and stress management device records the subtle, “reactive,” informational potentials provided by the client during the assessment procedure. The computer evaluates such responses, and then challenges the individual with that information by feeding it back to the client. This process assists the body’s own relaxation and stress management mechanisms by encouraging a sense of wellness, balance and harmony. The entire process is safe, gentle, and non-invasive. 

How It Works:

The IMAET System Reactivity Test provides a unique snapshot of the Human Body Biofield, at a particular moment. Rooted in the twelve meridian system of traditional Chinese medicine, the IMAET technology provides a very useful connection between the body’s biochemistry and bioenergetics. In fact decoding the information flow within the Body Biofield.

Quantum Biofeedback - Earth's Way in Westbury, Nassau County, NYThe amount of information which is being processed by our bodies is staggering. Over 3 billion genes form the double helix DNA with between 33 000 and 100 000 functional genes governing the biochemical processes involved with health and survival. There are more than 7 trillion cells communicating with each other and the Central Nervous System at any given moment.

The information exchange, efferent and afferent, going on within this system, can only be explained with quantum physics and the quantum wave theory. It is at this level, that the IMAET System interfaces and takes a ‘snapshot’ of between 1560 and 7000 frequencies or items at this very moment in time. The reactivity test lists these items/frequencies according to the highest resonated wave distortions measured within the meridian system, or the body’s energy field. Or, if you will, the most severely clashing energies will be listed at the top.

The job of the practitioner is to:
1) determine a protocol, on which frequencies/items to focus on for corrective biofeedback treatment.
2) create isopathic remedy infused with corrective energy.
3) decide to use one of the other 20 panels for special feedback.

 Factors which may inhibit peak performance and general vitality:

Food Allergies
Allergies to any number of allergens
Thoughts of self-doubt that block perceptual awareness
Nutritional deficiencies
Inadequate intake of water or oxygen
Toxic stress factors such as fungus, bacteria, viruses, and chemical agents.
The presence of heavy metals
Prescription drugs or other synthetic compounds.
Geopathic stressors as well as parasites.
Bio-field contamination from radiation, microwaves and ELF’s. (Extremely Low Field)

No information should be construed as a medical claim or representation that this product is intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, and prevention of disease or any other medical condition. 

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Quantum Biofeedback - Earth's Way in Westbury, Nassau County, NY